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Crashes Since Patch 1.71 - Possibly Only on Ramirez

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  • Crashes Since Patch 1.71 - Possibly Only on Ramirez

    Has anyone else been crashing more since 1.71? I know everyone once in a while it would crash for me right after loading into a level, but since the patch I'm getting a different sort of crashing and it's happening more, and getting frustrating.

    So far, it's only happened on Ramirez, but I haven't played Iza, B, or my other characters much since the patch.

    What happens is it seems certain elements of the UI fail to load, causing the screen to flash or stutter a bit. It sometimes smooths out, but parts of the UI are still missing, and from there it's usually a few seconds away from a freeze or crash to desktop.

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    No, I've only crashed 2 times but that's because I was tabbed down and on YouTube for over an hour or more, haven't crashed while playing on Ramirez.


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      I've been getting the freezing and stuttering but no actual crash from the latest patch.


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        Been happening for me as well, at an increasing rate. Doesn't seem to matter which character you play. It only happens right after loading/beginning a map.

        But no point reporting it, KoG will just deny it's a problem on their side. It obviously has to be related to any and every players pc, just like the random chrashing issue we have had since day 1.

        Don't keep your hopes up for a fix. The game will continuesly be more bugged and less playable as time goes by. But hey, atleast we keep getting more and more unbalanced characters and costumes to buy for real life cash.


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          Yeah, I've had the crash on loading in...this one is happening differently. So far, it happened a ton on Wednesday, a bit on Thursday...nothing today. I've been trying to get a screenshot of how the UI goes insane before it happens, but since I've committed to trying crashes.


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            I've been crashing especially when i press tab to the side kick tab and level it up while in battle.


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              So it's definitely a crash for me since 1.71, and being on Jerry, I know my topic title is incorrect about Ramirez only.

              Loaded in, hit battle start, UI elements flickered and disappeared. Some came back every now and then, but mostly remained as you see here. About five seconds after this the game completely locked up, and had to ctrl+alt+del to get out.


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                Originally posted by Driftlock View Post
                About five seconds after this the game completely locked up, and had to ctrl+alt+del to get out.
                I know about the usual game closing upon entering a dungeon/or next area to Hard Lib or something, but this is the first time I've heard of that one happening.


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                  Yeah, that's why I brought this up in the forums. I'm used to that crash every once in a long while, but this has been another annoyance. Never happened until this patch, so I'm trying to figure it out.