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Does this happen to everyone or just me?

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  • Does this happen to everyone or just me?

    Im having a mouse speed problem so like when i move my mouse to the right hand corner it doesnt go there immediately its kinda drags there. Its bugging me so much i love this game but i cant just cant simply play with the mouse that way. Is there a way to fix this or nah?

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    Oooo interesting, never heard of this issue before.

    Is only happening in this game or also in others?
    Maybe a internal mechanical thing? Battery?
    Have you tried other mouse? Same issue?
    Have you tried changing screen resolution? VertialSync? Low graphics settings?


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      it only happens in this game
      i dont use a battery mouse
      pretty sure its the same
      yes i have tried


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        uhm i disabled vertical sync from video options inside the game and it worked
        maybe try to boost mouse speed from your control panel and see if mouse also goes faster in the game ?